How does micro-needling work




Micro-needling produces a glowing, plump, youthful

complexion by stimulating the body’s natural collagen producing mechanism. Micro-needling in its essence is the penetration of the skin by very small needles. 

High penetration

Micro-needling is performed by using either a Derma pen or a derma

roller. The micro-needles are spaced very close together allowing a high number

of needles to actively penetrate the skin in a very small area to the required

depth in order to induce collagen or increase transdermal absorption (the

absorption of products through the skin).

Soft, smooth, taut skin

Deep & Gentle

Several other cosmetic treatments also work this way; however, all of them involve either removing or potentially burning the outer layers of the skin to reach the deeper layers where collagen production takes place.

Micro-needling can reach these deeper levels by creating tiny holes which heal completely within hours. The ability of micro-needling to work with the body in this way, with very few side effects, makes it an obvious candidate for a genuinely natural, holistic cosmetic treatment.

Micro-needling uses the body’s own natural resources to produce collagen.

Micro-needling can benefit -

• Facial rejuvenation

• Hand rejuvenation

• Neck and decolletage rejuvenation

• Sagging upper arms 

• Scars

• Stretch marks

• Cellulite 

• Hyperpigmentation

• Age spots 

• Rosacea

•  Acne

• Enlarged pores 

• Hair loss

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How does micro-needling work


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